Sunair Awning and Solar Screens
Exterior Solar Screens from Sunair Awning & Solar Screens offer an energy efficient solution to eliminate glare and unwanted sunlight while maintaining the advantages of natural sunlight. These motorized retractable solar screens operate at the touch of a button to lower or raise at a moment’s notice, ready to protect your furniture, curtains and other valuables sensitive to damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Retractable Awnings from Sunair Awning & Solar Screens offer a variety of positions to provide your home with as much, or as little, sunlight as you desire. Retractable awnings are fully retractable, eliminating the need for seasonal storage during the winter months Skagit, Island and Whatcom County often experience.

Exterior Rolling Screens from Sunair Awning & Solar Screens have the ability to reduce indoor temperatures, lowering your home’s interior cooling cost! Imagine a fabric that blocks up to 90% of solar heat rays, and you’ll begin to imagine the power of retractable exterior solar screen systems. New in 2013 is Sunair Awning & Solar Screen’s Magnetic Locking System. This system helps keep your screen’s fabric flat and smooth.

Exterior Rolling Shutters
Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc. has been providing superior quality rolling shutters since 1979. They are ideal for increasing energy efficency for your home. If you are looking for protection from sun and UV damage, or seeking to reduce exterior noise for the interior of your home, Tucscon Rolling Shutters delivers a high quality solution.

Using exterior rolling shutters on your home has never been easier. At The Blind Pro, Mike and Vicki use Somfy Systems sun and wind sensors to protect your home without you needing to be at home.

Eclipse Retractable Awnings and Solar Shades
Are you looking for custom solar protection with a retractable solution? Eclipse Awning and Solar Shades help protect your family, your home, or business, from damaging UV rays.

Throughout Skagit, Island, Whatcom, and Snohomish County, people living in the Pacific Northwest are no stranger to light rains. Not only will Eclipse Shading Systems keep you dry during wetter days, but will also protect your home by reducing heat in your home during the summer months.

These awnings and shades are completely customizable. Mike and Vicki at The Blind Pro can size your awning or shade to any dimension you need.